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Magic of a Fallen Earth

"It started small. At first, we all just asked ourselves, what didn’t work anymore?  Dead computers. Dead cars. Then a few adventurous souls started to believe in the new world, and crafted themselves niches that could only have been called magic. Hell. I’m still afraid of mirrors." 


Keeper Record 196554.

Margret Alehouse. 8 years AF. (After Fall)

Columbus Ohio.


Mirror, mirror on the wall,

reveal their darkness to them all.

Magic based on focus of belief or emotion on an image of the person, place or thing being impacted.

The more closely the picture resembles the actual person place or thing, the more powerful the belief impact on the thing.

"Thank God all our selfies died with the internet."

Keeper Record 98574

Janet Barton, 4 AF.


DALL·E 2023-11-07 16.16.14 - A palm sized mirror in a otherwise dark room, with a hint of


"My daughter had a doll that looked a little too much like her father. We thought about it of course. Same color hair. Same eyes. I wasn’t scared until one night he had a coughing fit and I found her hugging it under her arm. She cried for days, but we had to get rid of it."


Keeper Record 3965.

Kelly Osborn, 2 years AF.  

New York

Magic based on the focus of belief or emotion on a simulacrum of the person, place, thing, being impacted which is specifically reinforced by having a piece of the person or place in the item of focus. A lock of hair on a doll, or the blood of a person in their portrait.



“In a world where facts are based on belief, we guaranteed God exists. Is he the God of wrath, or the God of mercy? That may be for us to decide. Consciously or unconsciously.” 

Keeper Record 675

Father James Relaford, 1 AF

Amarillo, Texas

Magic based on prayer to higher powers. 

“I wasn’t a believer before the Fall. But I watched him do it. The priest stood there and cast down the demon. Now… I believe what they believe. I can’t go back to the alternative.”

Keeper Record 9919

Laurence Tully, 4 AF

Jackson, Mississippi


There are some with beliefs so strong they need no artifice. No mirrors, no dolls and mimicry stand between them and their work. They speak magic into being.

“I met one once. He told a man to jump, and he jumped. Best thing to do around them is to never be noticed.”

Keeper Record 1876547

Declan Kish, 32 AF

New Atlanta

dark wizard.png


Pyromancer, aquamancers, geomancers, animancers, itinemancers … they manipulate the world as easily as others breathe.

“Is it even magic when they don’t know how they’re doing it?”

Keeper Record 725006

Leroy Dorset, 14 AF

Baton Rouge

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