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History of a Fallen Earth

This is the way the world ends. 

This is the way the world ends. 

This is the way the world ends. 

Not with a bang, but with a belief. 

We are the Keepers of the History of the Fallen Earth, called to record life after the Fall, chronical those of us who survived, and the sacrifices of those who did not. 

After the end, there is one rule... Beliefs create facts. Reality flows inevitably from our desires, fears, and convictions. Conflicting ideologies have torn at the edges of reality.


In the Post-Fall, be careful what you believe. 

The Fall
Part 1. 

It began small. Computers acted strangely, technology becoming unreliable, but soon physics itself began to obey a new rule: Fact followed from beliefs. In a world with such conflicting values, the fabric of reality cannot hold. The Fall of civilization had begun.

riot 2.png
Danfords, a res 0.png

The Fall Part 2.

Riots were just the beginning. When science betrays you, would you survive? 

Children's Stories

The Fall has come and gone. Civilization's great cities like crumbling citadels have begun leaning toward decay inevitable wherever such dense masses of people faced technology’s end. In the ruins of an emptier, but not yet abandoned city, some people will do anything to make a living.


Memories, Volume 1

The end of the world is made up of a million stories, some written, most lost. We, the Keepers of the Archive exist to save those scraps of broken hearts, and shattered families, that nobody is ever fully forgotten. 

Broken Creed

In the post-apocalypse, the only justice you find is the justice you make. 


Dare You!

Fallen Earth is growing more treacherous.

Magic is growing more powerful, and belief is everything. There has never been a worse time to play truth or dare.

dare u.png

Clear The Block

Samantha, Jordan, Julian and Cole and miraculously managed to stay together through the fall of civilization.

Now, four years after the end of civilization, the survivors expand one city block at a time, taking in refugees, and working together to rebuild society. But all tragedies we left behind are not forgotten.

DALL·E 2023-11-10 10.16.58 - A swirl of fire, and purple smoke, and lightning, against a b

Magic of a Fallen Earth

Some wield fire, some bend will, others bind you attacking your soulless reflection. Magic is everywhere, and growing. What can mere mortals hope to do against it? 

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