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30 seconds.

Updated: Mar 28

Thirty seconds at a time you can choose to waste your life, or spend your life in a meaningful pursuit. Americans spend an average of more than 4 hours a day on their phone. They may be choosing to multitask that activity with doing dishes or watching TV or travel, but a substantial portion of that time is just watching videos.

Stop TikTok, Stop YouTube Shorts, and go get better.

You tube shorts average 30-40 seconds.

TikTok averages 38 seconds.

Average users spend more than 80 minutes a day on the platform. That’s 150 shorts.

What are you watching? That amazing pianist who spent ten thousand hours of practice so they could look that good for thirty seconds? The sports legend you admire? The singer? The daredevil? Movie clips?

Do you think that those thirty seconds will move you any closer to being like that person? Do you think you can base your worldviews of thirty and forty second clips of people? Do you think it can answer complex questions of politics, love, religion, racism or motivation and discipline?

Get your life back. Go cold turkey for one week, and see how much more time you have. Stop watching other people be amazing, and go find out how amazing you can be instead.

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