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All of yesterday’s…

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Yesterday’s mistakes are yesterday’s.

They belong there, in the past, a reminder of what we did wrong, and why we need to do better. They are not to be anchors around our neck or bend our heads to the ground with failure’s memories.

Yesterday’s mistakes belong to yesterday.

This morning’s travesties belong to this morning.

The last hour's faults are nothing but a wind that has exhausted itself.

We are responsible for our blunders, though they are not liabilities. Our past bestows life’s education, and carves us, one moment at a time into something better. What person would be so confident to pull a thread of their life’s tapestry and be certain the whole image would not unravel?

All of tomorrow’s promise belongs to today. We climb the steps of our errors’ gravestones to towers of our creativity, success and betterment. Today we become who we will be tomorrow, because of all of yesterday’s building blocks.

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