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Be Motivated, or Be Manipulated

“People are not lazy, … they have goals which do not inspire them.” – Tony Robbins.

I have never particularly subscribed to Tony Robbins or listened to his material, but I liked this quote. It felt like the right introduction to today's piece. If you are not motivated by something, you can be manipulated into anything.

Be motivated, or be manipulated

There are many versions of this statement. “People without families are easy to control.” It’s a common theme in literature because family—husbands, wives, children, grandparents, etc.—are strong motivating factors. Without them, we are more easily manipulated.

If you have no goals, the first person with flowery speech who comes along and tells you to support their motivated goals can get you on their side. Maybe you should help them, but maybe you shouldn’t. You have the choice. However, if you are not motivated to do anything, you will latch on more quickly to anything that comes along, even if it is not best for you or anyone else.

Find your motivation. Find a goal that gets you out of bed when you are sick. People call into work sick because they don’t really want to go. People don’t call into their life’s dream sick because they care about it. They get it done anyway because they want to. When you find that thing that enables you to work through hardships, you have found your motivation.

You need to find it. If you don’t, you may find yourself at the end of your life’s journey, suddenly realizing you had been nothing but a cork on the waves all along.

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