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Beware “just…”

Updated: Mar 17

Kill the word just

I don’t know if this is for readers, writers, motivation, and everyone in general. I have a lot to say in a short space about the word just.

In reading beware anyone who tells you to “Just…” do a thing. Things are not just done. They take time, effort, will, resources.

Just change jobs.

Just eat less.

Just write more.

Just put yourself out there.

Just push through.

Just find your passion.

Just spend less money.

Just talk to him/her/them more…

Just means nothing. Advice to just do a thing implies the only thing you’re missing is willpower. I am a firm believer in willpower and self-motivation, but I am not so foolish as to think that it is the only thing standing between a person and their achievements. It is the very minimal first step toward a goal, nothing more. Go. Do. Yes. But that doesn’t mean “Just.”

Just, can belittle how hard that first step is, and it can forget that it guarantees no success.

Life is harder than just.

Let’s just get rid of the word just. 😊

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Anna Varlese
Anna Varlese

😄 Putting "just" in front of any direction does seem to make it harder doesn't it?

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