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Embrace Failure. Embrace Discipline.

Embrace failure ... for next time.

You will fail. You will fail in school, you will fail in friendships, you will fail in jobs, you will fail in exercise and relationships.

You won’t be as nice as you wanted to be.

Be nicer next time.

You won’t be as honest as you should have been.

Tell the truth clearer next time.

You will speak truth too harshly.

Continue to speak truth, but do so with the desire to improve others, not yourself.

You will miss cues, and hurt others.

Learn to listen better tomorrow.

You will be late on projects.

Better assess your skills and or availability next time.

You will miss a day of exercise.

Go back to the gym tomorrow.

You will fail on your diet.

Eat healthier tomorrow.

Plants in your garden will die.

Start new seed tomorrow.

You will miss a writing session.

Writers write. Write more tomorrow.

You will speak in anger.

Practice calm for tomorrow.

You will fail, so that you can do better next time. The difference between people who make it, who succeed, and those who only tried, is the difference between people who failed, and got up again, and those who didn’t.

Do better. Keep trying. Embrace discipline in the face of failure.

For more motivation and discipline each week, join here.

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