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I Dare You

Write down one day. I dare you.

I Dare You to Write Your Day

You are going to be upset, and if you are honest about doing it and what you want in life you are likely to be embarrassed about it. You won’t want to show anyone else. Go do it anyway. Write down your day and then tell me about how you don’t have time again.

Log the day to about the nearest ten minutes.

You will start to notice things.

Dallied in the bathroom. It took you ten minutes to do a five-minute task. Watched short videos for ten minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes. Watched Netflix for an hour, two, three… woops.

Did any of these things move your goals forward? Did you get closer to writing your book? Did you get closer to starting up your exercise program? Did you spend more time with you little girl of boy reading that book with them or throwing a ball? Did it get you out to start that garden? Did it help you start working through that cook book?

I am not saying life should have no down time. It should. I am saying that life is going to pass you by if you let all of it become down time. You can enjoy your hobbies, but that doesn’t mean a well-done hobby isn’t sometimes work, you can have great intensions but you won’t be able to eat them, live off them, or be proud of hem as you are dying. You will be proud of things you did, and tried to do.

So, stop wasting your time.

Figure out what you are doing with your day and cut out the extra. Cut out the waste, and leave only the intentional behind. Live intentionally. It's harder in the beginning, but it is so much better in the end.

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