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More Than You Think

Updated: Apr 18

You are more than you think. You can do more than you believe you can.

When you were born you couldn’t count. You couldn’t read. You couldn’t navigate the world’s social cues. You knew nothing. Over the course of the first stage of your life we think of as childhood you learned these skills and many others. You went from being an incomplete person to a more complete person.

Now what?

Are you complete?

At whatever age you are reading this the answer is “not yet.” Not ever, if you are lucky.

You can be more if you want to. If you could learn all that you have learned so far, you can learn to do more. You can learn an instrument. You can learn to paint. You can learn to run. You can learn to write. You can learn to teach. You can learn science. You can learn math (Yes even people who say "I just don’t do math.”)

Because you are the most complex thing in the known universe. You are human. You are inherently capable of amazing things. You can be kind when it is hard, caring when you don’t want to be, compassionate when you empathize with those who are hurt, strong when those around you need it, paternal when friends and family need redirection, and you can learn to do whatever you need to learn.

Does it mean you will get it right when you start? No. If you sit down to play Liszt’s La Campanella, you will fail. Most people will fail at this their entire life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to play amazingly beautiful music! You may fail to run the mile time you wanted the first time you run, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get there over time. You may fail to write more than 100 good words in your first sitting at that short story, but that still moves you 100 words closer to your goal.

Complexity doesn’t come easily, but it can come, if you try.

You are more than you are today if you chose to be.

You are more than you think if you work to be.

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