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One Story

Everyone has one story worth telling. Their own lives.

It has been said every writer writes only what they know. We know our own lives better than we know most other things, and I have rarely met a person who didn’t have at least one life lesson worth sharing.

Uniquely Yours
Uniquely Yours

You are special. I do not mean this as a platitude, or a participation award. I don’t believe in either of those things. But, there is the fact that nobody has ever been you. Not even your identical twin has been you. Nobody has ever had exactly your genetic sequence at exactly this moment in time, and lived the exact series of life choices you have lived. You have a unique story to tell in all of that, and there is a value in that which nobody else can bring to the table.

No artificial intelligence can reassemble it from threads of artificially averaged storylines. Nobody who was around you knows your motivations as you did, and understands the feelings of your success and failures as you did.

Write your tale down. Tell someone.

Share your message. Nobody else can.

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