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Find Time Where You Can

Updated: Mar 25

My wife and I are not at home right now. We are staying a few hundred miles away to help take care of family. Our habits are uprooted, our domestic living arrangement has been shrunk by a factor of ten. We are being forced to keep company with some family members we would rather not interact with while caring for others. We are still working because the nature of our job is such that we are able to work remotely to some degree.

Our time is not our own.

In this current situation, the idea that “we read from 9:30-10:00," is not something we can simply rely on. Read when you can.

Many people are not so lucky as my wife and I that we have a normally patterned lifestyle. The idea that we have time to read is not the national average and we are thankful for our opportunity. But we have found we are still reading and writing, because we decided as people it is our priority.

Keep a book at hand. Digital, or otherwise. She threw three books into the backpack when we walked out the door as part of our packing without even thinking about it. Don’t surrender a better you tomorrow because life got busy, or got hard.

Make future you proud. Read today.

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