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Last Things

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

When we think of memorable events, we usually think about first times best times and worst times. How often do we give thought to last times? I wonder if sometimes we avoid them.

Last rites. Deathbed promises. Last meals. Parting thoughts. These items hold strong emotional impact because they are last times. Endcaps to a life lived. But how much more would we all pay attention and appreciate if we knew that the thing, we were engaging with right now was the last time?

Death Bed Promises

Is this your last family gathering? Is this the last time you will see your sibling? Is this your last breakfast? Is this the last time you will eat a cookie? Is this the last movie you will ever see, the last book you will ever read?

Perhaps you are thinking these seem silly. Here are some less silly ones.

Is this your last spring bloom? Is this your last winter snow? Is this your last Dog day’s of August? Is this your last fall foliage?

Autumn Foliage

People who did not know they were ill are diagnosed with a disease who die within a season, having never known the last spring would be their last.

How much more relish would life have if we paid attention like each time was our last time?

When will be the last time your child is not embarrassed to call for daddy?

When will be the last time they need to ask you to drive them somewhere?

When will be the last time you don’t need help going up and down stairs or lifting that package?

Being Thankful

Do not assume your tomorrow. Be thankful for your today. The thankfulness of the present can make sure even when we aren’t sure if today is the last time, we can treat it that way.

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