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I am an old man apparently. I’m not sure exactly when it happened but several friends have informed me it is so, because I predominantly read on paper. I get national geographic, from my parents when they are done, one month late, but still in paper format. Scientific American: paper. Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine? You guessed it. Paperback. My novels? 99.0 percent paperback. (I do audiobooks with my wife sometimes.)

I am here to convince you otherwise, because of some recent discoveries of mine. Every one of those discoveries were digital.

It started with a work associate pointing out to me an online magazine Now to be clear, I only liked about half the tales, but I did like them. They were short, but they introduced me to a new group of writers. Of course I knew already about major pieces like and but I had forgotten about them at the same time. They were an afterthought a thing I didn’t head to because I wanted to go read a novel. But novels are not the only medium by which we tell stories.

Don’t have a lot of time for a full novel? Don’t want to dedicate the attention span, but don’t know where to go for a short story collection? Try one of your favorite’s genre short story online magazine sites. Do you want to find new authors and don’t feel like trying an entire book, bounce into one of these sites and grab a few stories to go. They are short, sometimes flash fiction, 1,000 words or less. Sometimes they are just enough meat to satisfy at 5,000 words and sometimes they are even longer.

Sometimes the best way to leave behind the world you know, and find new worlds, is to leave behind the medium you know, and try new ones as well.

Read on! Line… (… online… get it?)

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