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Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Someday I am going to … What? What is your someday? Climb a specific mountain? See a specific world wonder? Say something you have always wanted to say to a special someone? Say thank you to someone? Write a book? Lose that Weight, so you feel healthier? Learn how to code? Learn how to <fill in YOUR blank.> Go and do the <fill in YOUR blank.>

We all have a someday plan.

What did you do today to move forward in your someday plan? Did that thing you're planning to do someday move closer to today? Because there is something else coming down the pipeline that will make your own pursuit harder. I guarantee it.

Someday you will be too weak to climb the…. Someday you won’t have enough time left to finish the… Someday you will lack the skills needed to learn the…

Tomorrow. Next week. Next summer. When I've retired. Someday.

And if you have spent your life ignoring your dream of someday, then someday when you are old, and you are in your exit interview of life, you will regret those things you didn’t try to achieve.

Why didn’t you work for them? Was a Netflix binge more important? Was that few hours of YouTube more engaging? Was the next level in the video game the prize you thought it was? What did you spend your time on that was more important than your someday? If you don’t work toward it, nobody else will.

You will achieve far less in one lifetime than you will like, but far more in a day than you can imagine. Go work. Make your someday happen. Because … someday always comes.

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