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The Longest Road

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

To borrow an analogy from exercise, life is not a sprint. Life is not a marathon. Like is more than even an ultramarathon. It is a run that does not end. It is a mountain with no top, and a treadmill with only one-off button.

The Journey is the point

I have written often on this site about the importance of remembering perspectives for the work we do. Writing, or any other endeavor required fortitude, persistence and habit. But inside of that we must also keep perspective.

Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the long road, and think that if you make just this next big push you will get to your goal. Sometimes it is true, but very rarely. The reason we drill habit, is because habit and the steady pace is going to get you to where you are going. Sprints can drain a person, or worse they can burn you out.

Imagine that you believe that one last sprint will get you where you need to be. You run for all your worth, but that wasn’t the top of the hill, it was just the next rise. But now you have nothing left in the tank to keep pushing forward with. You’re on empty.

I have been guilty of this with writing and other endeavors too. It is very hard when you are passionate about a job or hobby not to do this. But we need to keep ourselves in perspective of the long race of life.

Enjoy the journey

Nor is the long race of life something sad. Just because there is no top of the mountain doesn’t mean it isn’t worth climbing. The higher you can go the further you can see, the more you have achieved. Just because there is no pinnacle doesn’t detract from the climb. Just because you have run a long distance and there is no finish line, doesn’t mean you didn’t see some amazing things go by in your time. But when you put your nose too hard to the grind stone, and forget to look up while you climb, forget to look around when you move through, you will lose out on some of the joys around you.

Work hard. Work diligently. Build habits to let you succeed. But remember that not every action item needs a sprint.

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