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When Nobody Believes

You have exercised every day for a month, but you barely lose one pound.

You lift every day for three months and can barely add a pound to the bar.

You write every day for six months, working on that story, and still, everyone who looks at it at best shrugs, and at worst sneers.

You post on your website or YouTube channel every week, but still… nobody comes. Zero hits day after day.

You try to strike up that conversation with a stranger or join a new group, but you feel isolated in a crowd.

Believe in yourself, when nobody else does.

You feel like nobody believes. You feel like your dream is going to die on the vine, unnoticed.

That’s when you push.

That is when you write again today anyway.

That is when you go for an extra walk.

That’s when you do one more rep and one more set in the gym.

That’s when you make one more post because you will never know if you stop today the answer to, "What if?"

What if this is the post that gets the attention?

What if this is the short story that gets you noticed and teaches you that lesson you needed to know?

What if this set is the set that breaks you through the plateau?

What if this is the time you find that new best friend who was feeling just as awkward as you did?

Push through. When you feel like nobody believes, you have to believe. Because the other option is to quit and find yourself someday later asking yourself the most terrible question: "What if I hadn't?"

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